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Mar 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
of their draft laws passed, search engines would have to pay fees to publishers for using their reports. >> we want journalists and publishers to get paid enough for their work. the internet is really efficient, but the content that people search and save does not just right itself. >> the opposition says the draft law is too vague about what search engines would have to pay for. the draft law says search engines would not have to pay to show snippets of articles, but they would if they publish full articles. however, it does not say what a snippet is. the greens said opposition is also strong outside parliament. >> german journalists and the freelance journalist association are against your bill, and so are well-known constitutional law professors and basically every copyright expert in the country. >> many net experts in the government are also skeptical about the bill, but the government has the numbers in the bundestag, so the bill passed. it is however expected to meet resistance in the upper house. >> the second chamber of germany's parliament is where we are going next because things ha
Mar 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
environmental issues, a factory does not stick to the law because up paying a price to superiors. even though there is a good law for environmental issues, they will never stick to the rules, so that is the major problem from my point of view. as long as they do not solve this corruptional problem, i think there will not be any big moves, and they cannot solve the corruption problem because there are not any checks and balances. >> thank you very much. >> the new leadership in china faces many challenges. top appointments to government ministries will be announced during the congress as a new generation of leaders emerge. >> as we mentioned, xi jinping will be confirmed. we now take a look at the man who will steer the world's second-largest economy over the next 10 years. >> xi jinping -- the new leader of china's communist party and soon to become its next president. from a powerful and wealthy family, xi is one of china's princelings, a member of china's ruling elite, a rich aristocracy that firmly holds the reins of power. right next to beijing's forbidden city lies the seat of power from
Mar 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
to modifying the tax law. what's the constitutional court says our concept of family has changed since the basic law of 1949 was written. that's something we need to think about. >> a party conference agreed not to introduce legal equality without a constitutional court ruling, but they are feeling the heat from the junior coalition partner. >> we very much hope tolerance will prevail. they still have time to send a signal indicating a more democratic, tolerant society. >> the question is whether the government acts before a court ruling forces their hand. >> how is the meeting wrapping up that we mentioned, terry? >> an interesting meeting. the purpose was to cquell a debate on the gay marriage and the outcome was this. the conservatives decided they will wait and see what the constitutional court rules in extending more rights to individuals in same-sex partnerships. meanwhile, conservatives decided they are against extending any more rights to individuals in same-sex marriages unless they're being forced to by the court. essentially, what we have ended up with is nothing. chancellor
Mar 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
subsidy of german firms, which will be in violation of eu law. >> the world's biggest travel and trade fair has opened in berlin with indonesia chosen as this year's partner nation. the number of exhibitors is down this year, though more and more people are traveling worldwide. the number of tourists has crossed the 1 billion mark. >> increasing numbers of chinese are trotting around the globe, spending even more than the travel-happy germans, but the germans are doing a pretty good job trying to catch up. >> this year's partner country is showcasing diverse attractions, including cultural treasures such as traditional dancing and a world heritage site. indonesia's tourism board hopes the spotlight will help it attract even more visitors. despite the global economic downturn, it is a boom time to be in the travel business. germans in particular have wanderlust, and they are spending more money on trips than ever before. analysts predict they will spend around 66 billion euros on visits abroad this year. >> 2012 was a good year for us. 2013 has gotten off to a promising start. all opera
Mar 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
. it is logical that we test that in a court of law. >> mercedes is not interested in fuel economy right now. it prefers money, and that is easiest to make with luxury and sports cars. instead of electric motors, it is marketing deceptive power packs like this with its 360- break hp kick. cars like that also boost the company's sometimes static image. >> an automobile remains an emotional product, and keeping these emotions running at high levels is a recipe for success. agree that 2013 will be a difficult year, but the optimists among them say the worst will be over by next year. >> runcie will go through on aggregate. finally, the golden gate bridge is without doubt san francisco's most famous landmark and draws thousands of tourists every year. >> but right now, another bridge in the city is stealing the limelight. for decades, the san francisco/oakland bay bridge has been derided for its drab design until this week. >> dusk falls over san francisco, and the city's bay bridge comes out of the shadows. it is being billed as the largest eliminated sculpture in the world theill -- illuminate
Mar 2, 2013 2:30pm PST
the law. the supreme court ruled that schools must take steps to stop this harassment. schools are required to have policies that make clear sexual harassment will not be tolerated, but that message doesn't always get through to the entire community. >> i think, uh, -- i think they should have some strict punishment for that, but i honestly don't know the guidelines for that. >> they should be more concerned about it and do more things about it to try to control it, 'cause it's not good and no one deserves that. >> because it's a lot more serious than people realize. >> whether you see it happen or you are a victim yourself, report it. speak to your parents, a teacher, or other trusted adult. >> i told my guidance counselor and my administrator in school, and then they talked to the people. it was dealt with. >> i would probably report it to one of my teachers, maybe one that i'm closer to. >> and, you know, you can come to a.a.u.w. and you can contact us. we're here to help people find out about their rights and when is it the time to get some help to make sure that your right
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)